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01 August 2005


I've decided I'm moving...

Not physically - just my Blog.

Since no-one's really linked to this one anyway, I suspect the three of you reading it on any sort of regular basis will be able to follow me to my new home.

See, I'm such a geek, I just had to go and install my own Blog software on my own server. This way I have the capability of "Categories" (which Blogger here doesn't have), and I have the ability to add pictures. Blogger has it, but I've installed a pretty good gallery system I like.

Anyway, change your bookmarks, RSS feeds, whatever, to my new site:


29 July 2005

Slacker Posting

So yeah, I've been a total slacker about posting. Haven't posted at all in the past week!

Mostly this is because I've been recovering from Transformus. What?!? You haven't heard of it?!? Transformus is one of the Regional Burning Man events that happen all over the world.

A good friend of mine - Mountaine (he's the kook at the bottom right of the pic) - went to Transformus last year along with about four other Faeries. Needless to say, after his glowing review (pun intended), a bunch of Faeries decided to attend this year. And so Faerie Camp at Transformus was born.

We had a simply fabulous time! Besides attending the burn and wandering through the exquisite camp setups, the Faeries hosted a parade that toured through the entire village. We spotted a smiling satanist, played on a trampoline, and even spotted a hard-wood faun playing with his nymph - an enjoyable sight to be sure!

We had so much fun, we've been talking ideas for next year... Some of these include a Wandering Goat Boutique, an afternoon of Fleetwood MacDonalds, or perhaps Open-Air Solar Showers with Public Viewing!

Some more pictures are available on my Transformus Buzznet site. Let me know what you think :)

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20 July 2005

Absolutely Hilarious!

If you haven't seen it yet, here's a video for the New iPod Flea - check it out!
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17 July 2005

Mexico Evacuates Tourists Before Hurricane

While you may have heard the news, this take on it from a Bald gay Jewish native of Manhattan with 2 dogs is absolutely hilarious! Take a gander at the blog of "Proceed at your Own Risk".

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16 July 2005

Free Zach! (part 2)

I've posted before about Zach, the teenager currently incarcerated at the Refuge program of "Love In Action" (LIA/R). Well now he's big news - articles have recently appeared in Souther Voice and the New York Times.

And Zach's father, Joe Stark, appeared on Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network. One of his quotes in the interview:
"[S]tatistics say that by the age of 30 he could either have AIDS or be dead.”
Of course, he doesn't mention that one of the leading causes of death among teenagers is suicide - often due to societal pressure regarding their sexuality. And that's not even touching the misinformation about AIDS.

I pray for Zach, his father, and that he'll come out of this emotionally and psychologically stable.

And I hope the media attention leads the State of Tennessee to take a good, hard look at what's going on at LIA/R.

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15 July 2005

Florentine Football?

So I have no clue whatsoever where this is from or what it is, but I had to share with my friends. If you have any ideas, post them here? There's more images from this series on Proceed at Your Own Risk.

11 July 2005

Free Zach!

A couple weeks ago, when I was in Memphis, I participated in a protest at the "Love In Action" ministry, where a kid named Zach is being held and "treated" to "cure" his homosexuality.

While studies and history have shown that these programs:
  • rarely work
  • are often harmful
  • are now recognized by the APA and other professional associations as unhelpful
still parents and others send their children through this hurtful process.

I mention this because I just found, in a blog by Neal, a link to this online comic called Free Z. It's a great look at the pain and suffering our friend Zach (whom I've never met) is going through.

I'm hoping my friends are doing well and are able to get through their tough times, and I'll do anything in my power to help them, but I'm so glad none of them are going through this kind of torture and pain. And my heart goes out to Zach.

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